About us

Developing current production sites for oil and gas in a forward-looking way – that is our business, our passion, and our responsibility. Our long-term goal is to create a new energy cycle of environmentally friendly production with subsequent use of our infrastructure for renewable energy projects or complete renaturation. In this way, we optimise existing resources and provide solutions for sustainable energy production. This is a core element of energy cycle thinking.

Our business

Production optimisation

  • We optimise our Oil and Gas production via new technologies and digitalisation
  • We set high safety and environmental standards (no fracking)
  • We minimise our areal footprint
  • Community and Stakeholder Dialogue

Decommissioning and renaturation

  • With sensitivity, expertise and know-how
  • With high safety and environmental standards
  • Responsibly and without delay
  • In close cooperation with local communities and residents


  • We repurpose existing infrastructure
  • We develop innovative concepts
  • We design CO2-neutral processes for industry
  • Possible low/zero carbon solutions:
    geothermal energy, H2, solar power, onshore wind, storage, transport, LNG


Aligned with the specific conditions of our sites, we optimise production, explore further development opportunities, and implement sustainable projects in a safe and economically sustainable manner – for the environmentally friendly use of our finite resources today and the renewable energy of tomorrow. Just one example: we use the expertise we have built up over decades in the field of deep drilling for new concepts based on renewable geothermal energy.

ONEO has been carrying out a work programme at its sites since 2021, in which 23 wells will be dismantled by the end of 2022. This will free up these wells and well sites for sustainable energy solutions projects or complete renaturation.

Sustainable energy solutions is the umbrella term defined by ONEO for projects that focus on renewable energy generation, such as solar power, onshore wind or geothermal projects. This also includes CO2 reduction projects such as the electrification of production plants. We have already been able to develop and advance initial measures at the Landau, Suderbruch, Ampfing and Lauben sites. For details, please refer to the respective projects.

Company history

ONEO is an independent company under the umbrella of specialist energy transition investor Shorelight Partners (Shorelight). Founded in 2016 as RDG, a spin-off of the long-established Austrian Rohöl-Aufsuchungs AG (RAG, now called RAG Austria AG), ONEO has more than 80 years of experience in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.


Shorelight supports the energy transition by investing in assets and technologies that enable significant and measurable reductions in CO2 emissions. With a clear focus on the circular economy, Shorelight engages with companies along the entire energy value chain across Europe. Specific areas of interest include repurposing of conventional energy infrastructure, electrification and gasification, grid stability and advanced biofuels.

Shorelight sees great potential in ONEO's business model, which combines conventional E&P activities with renewable energy solutions.

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Energy cycle thinking

In the clear awareness of the economic and political finiteness of oil and gas production, we have adapted our business model. We are not only focused on oil and gas production with the highest standards, but equally for the subsequent use of our domestic infrastructure and land for the energy transition. We produce oil and gas for as long as it makes sense, and in parallel continue to develop our infrastructure for sustainable energy production. ONEO stands for a new, sustainable business model that is no longer called "E&P" but "P&T" (Production and Transformation). For us, the existing infrastructure is not a burden that needs to be cleaned up, but valuable assets that we can use for new energy transition projects. This completes the circle. Existing wells can be used after the end of production to generate electricity and heat from geothermal energy without having to take up additional land. Solar or wind energy plants can be implemented on existing sites and already have access to the power grid. We can also use the green energy to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. And on top of that, we can offer storage solutions with the existing infrastructure if this finds the necessary acceptance.




Our purpose, our strategy, our business model, and our products and services.


We make the energy transition possible and offer pragmatic solutions for a sustainable future of energy generation.


We develop future projects based on our know-how and existing infrastructure – with innovations to drive a carbon-neutral energy transformation. We feel connected to the states, regions, and municipalities as well as to our customers and society. We actively seek local dialogue and focus on solutions that are developed through dialogue. ONEO sees itself as a local partner that uses its strengths as a high-performance company for new, forward-looking projects.


  • We optimise oil and gas production as long as it makes business sense, digitalise processes, and set high standards for occupational safety, environmental protection, and land use.
  • We develop solutions for the future by transferring existing infrastructure to a new and sustainable use – environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral.
  • We either convert production sites to sustainable use or renaturalise them – responsibly and in consultation with communities and residents.

Energy evolution

Based on our existing business and a continuous growth in knowledge, we create new opportunities. Step by step and according to the needs of our customers and stakeholders. In everything we do, we are already thinking about the future of energy production today.

Our approach

We are committed to shape the path to a new energy world in harmony with nature and society. That is why we have set ourselves the following guidelines:

  • We minimise risks to people and our business activities.
  • We continually reduce our ecological footprint.
  • We operate our plants and systems safely and responsibly for which we are all personally responsible.
  • We actively and regularly seek dialogue with the people in whose communities we operate and address their concerns and needs.


Meet the Team

We are a highly qualified and ambitious team with extensive experience in the entire energy industry, based in Hanover and Vienna.


We keep you up to date about ONEO; here you can find our company news and press contact.


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